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Turning Friction into Fuel: Finding Innovation Inspiration in Challenges


Session Chair: TBA

 Though leadership / Call-to-action

Stuck In Neutral

Acknowledging the lack of true innovation is the key to understanding consumers

Damian Loscher, Ipsos Ireland, Ireland

Methodological innovation

Is Reality a Hallucination? 
Capturing the essence of the human experience with generative AI

Frank Pica, Native AI, United States





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 Panel Discussion

Synthetic Data Panel Discussion

Moderator: TBA




Seeing the Light: The Power of Insights in Driving Innovation

Session Chair: TBA

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Economics Beyond Numbers: In our Research Era

Why Taylor Swift could be the catalyst for journalist using data to drive their stories

Dan Fleetwood, QuestionPro, United States

Case Study

Transformative Insights: The Journey from Research in Sustainable Innovation
Driving Evidence-Led Change for a Better Tomorrow

Harry Tannenbaum, Mill, United States

Megan Peitz, Numerious, United States

Case Study

Making Your Brand Culturally Iconic 
La-Z-Boy’s Most Ambitious Transformation Yet

Jorge Calvachi, La-Z-Boy Incorporated, United States
Patricia King, Dig Insights, Canada

Case Study

Flattening the World! 
Flattening the World to better support all of the unique people within it

Bryan Carroll, Meta Platforms, Inc., United Kingdom

Timothy Sweeney, Upstream Thinking LLC, United States


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What's Next?
Per Sjofors, Sjofors & Partners Inc, United States


Bouncing Back: Building Resilience for Sustainable Innovation

Session Chair: TBA

Client Topic


Embrace the unknown

Christina Furlong, Kerry, Ireland

David Deeley, Kerry, Ireland

Thought leadership / Call-to-action

Mastering the Behavioral Science Maze

A Strategic Guide to Elevate Capabilities and Unlock Unparalleled Consumer Insights

Sofia Stafford, HCD Research, United States

Case Study

Breaking Through Internal Innovation Barriers

How Johnsonville Sausage Looked Way Outside the Box to Accelerate their Innovation Initiatives

Karen Kraft, Johnsonville Sausage, United States

Ted Curtin, ProdigyWorks, a division of RTi Research, United States

Interactive Stage

Session Chair: TBA

Thought leadership / Call-to-action

Tips and tricks to make Pricing Research better and more actionable

Per Sjofors, Sjofors & Partners Inc, United States

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Networking Break


Measuring What Matters: Metrics for Innovation Impact

Session Chair: TBA

Industry Challenge

The Science Behind the Creativity

Adding biometrical measurements to content

Abigail Rivera, Warner Bros Discovery, Mexico
Alexander Nempeque, Warner Bros Discovery, Mexico

Case Study

The use of computer vision and neuroscience-based metrics to predict advertising effectiveness

Providing advertisers with accurate, accessible and scalable creative effectiveness metrics

Coen Olde Olthof,, Netherlands


Closing Keynote


Closing and Awards Presentation

Joaquim Bretcha, ESOMAR Director General

Giulia Gasperi, Programme Committee Chair


Farewell Drinks

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