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Joaquim Bretcha, ESOMAR Director Generalps

Opening & Welcome


YES! It's Pitch Time!

Hear BIG ideas, shared in only 60 seconds, from this year’s Young ESOMAR Society (YES!) Award finalists. There can only be one winner, so don't forget to vote! 

ESOMAR is seeking young professionals
 (31 and under) to share their stories in front of a global audience. Read more about the award and submit your pitch here.



Giulia Gasperic, Programme Committee Chair

Introduction to the Programme and Keynote



Jonathon Brown, TrendHunter, Canada

Opening Keynote

Innovate Like a Rap Star


Sponsor Fastracks
Introduced by Joaquim Brecha, ESOMAR Director General



Networking Break


Creativity Catalyst: The Power of Collaboration

Chair: TBA

Client Topic

Man vs. (AND) Machine 

Are we replacing or complementing our current capabilities?

Ipsita Ghosh, Kimberly-Clark, United States

Client Topic

When Gen AI Meets Gen Z

Using generative AI to decode the gen-z mind for game changing innovation

Adrian Terron, Tata Group, India


Sponsor Splash 

What's Next?

Julie Quante, InsightsNow, Inc., United States

Mimi Sherlock, IFF Nourish, United States

Thought leadership / Call-to-action

Insights-Centric Generative AI 

How Effective Insights Integration Can Lead to Better Humanized Solutions

Oualid Benchema, Coca Cola, United States



Sponsor Splash 


Session Chair: TBA

Mapping the Maze: Understanding the Customer Journey

Client Topic

TikTok's Exploration into The Future of Search      

Understanding the evolution of consumer search behaviors and what this means for brands 

Jaclyn Williams, Tik Tok, United States

Alejandro Garcia, Tik Tok, United States

Case Study

Breaking Down Barriers  

A new approach to quantifying the impact of barrier removal on customer acquisition

Jason Brooks, Material, United States

Charles Allison, Instacart, United States

Case Study

From shelf to sip: Uncovering a winning consumer journey for Beam Suntory’s -196 hard seltzer  

Staying a step ahead in highly competitive product categories takes insights that span the complete consumer journey

Jenny Stephen, Beam Suntory, United States

Shira Horn, AMC Global, United States

Interactive Stage


Session Chair: TBA

Methodological innovation

From Moments to Innovation: How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Insight Activation 

Learn how to co-create concepts using generative AI 

Julie Quante, InsightsNow, Inc., United States

Mimi Sherlock, IFF Nourish, United States


Sponsor Splash




Beyond Brand Awareness: Uncovering Brand Innovation Opportunities

Session Chair: TBA

Client Topic

Voicing the New Global Immigrant Realities

Empowered insights for an underserved market

Arundati Dandapani,, Canada

Nancy Deng, Procter and Gamble Canada, Canada

Methodological innovation

Using AI for Innovating Brand Strategy

Marco Vriens, Kwantum, United States

Rogier Verhulst, LinkedIn, United States


Sponsor Splash 

Strategic Impact: Guiding Brands to Victory with Black Insights


Pepper Miller, Hunter-Miller Inc., United States
Amy Hilliard, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, United States

Networking Drinks

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